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Navimca is a safe haven for boaters.

We have a full service shipyard within an area with 24 hour security and storage for 200 boats.

We have a large workspace for easy maintenance and mechanical repair, blacksmithing, painting, carpentry and supply.

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Our 70 Ton Marine Travelift does all our hauling and launches. Its beam capacity is 21 feet. We have storage room for 120 boats with 24 hours security.

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The NAVIMCA’s professional spray paint team will spray with two-part polyurethane paint. Good dry weather always pays off. We offer top quality and the lowest prices.

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We sandblast with silica sand mined in Venezuela.

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NAVIMCA does all types of fabrication in stainless steel and aluminum.

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NAVIMCA is the only Boatyard where your hull is truly dried. Its climate has been rated “The best in the Caribbean for Osmosis and spray paint work”. We do bottom peeling and guarantee blister repair. West System Epoxy is applied with a good barrier coating...

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The largest heavy duty metal working lathe accepts a shaft to 12 feet long and a diameter to 3 feet. The smaller lathe is 48 inches by 8 inches...

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The 35 Ton sheet metal brake forms or bends steel plates up to 9 feet wide.

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The 30 Ton shear, 9 feet long cuts light or heavy gage steel or aluminum with precision.

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The 25 Ton crane has a three segment arm which extends out to a maximum of 92 feet and rotates 360º.

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24 hours security by armed guards.

Best Climate of the Caribbean

At 10ºN, we are below the hurricane belt, and just the place to be during the season.

In the Caribbean, only the NAVIMCA BOATYARD has its own anchorage, protected by their private breakwalls and the Golf of Cariaco for superior security.



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