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Engineering & Metalworking


We offer solutions for engineering, construction, offshore installation and connection for metalworking and metal projects for naval sectors, petroleum, industrial, and military housing.

NAVIMCA has executed important works in the field of metallurgy and civil construction with metal structures, including housing and educational units in the project with IDB and UCERSA FUNREVI, during the process of reconstruction of infrastructure after the earthquake of Cariaco, performance metalworking collection system for Salinas de Araya, and participation in projects floating structures for the oil industry.

Best Climate of the Caribbean

At 10ºN, we are below the hurricane belt, and just the place to be during the season.

In the Caribbean, only the NAVIMCA BOATYARD has its own anchorage, protected by their private breakwalls and the Golf of Cariaco for superior security.



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IMS Division of Liquid Waste Technology, LLC.